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Testimonial for Jeffrey Heng & Elaine Chia

Our house hunting journey took much longer than expected as we had a change of plan in the midst of the journey. Jeffrey and Elaine understood our intent and goal perfectly; they gave us sound advice on the suitable house to look for. 

They put in lots of effort to bring us to view multiple properties of varied layouts, facings, locale etc so that we could discuss and have a better understanding of our main goal. They were very patient and never pushy, felt like we were bringing close friends along for viewings. 

When we finally identified one unit that we really love, Jeffrey and Elaine acted swiftly to close the deal (think we were the 1st to view) and they helped us to negotiate a good price for the house. Heartfelt gratitude for their professional help.



Xavier & Suzanne

A Heartfelt Thanks to Jeffrey and Elaine

We need to share our heartfelt awesome experience with Jeffrey and Elaine.

Buying the right unit for investment can be daunting, especially when you’re a first-time upgrader.

To the needs of one, by being heard or being listened makes a huge difference. Jeffrey and Elaine listened with their hearts and they even look beyond and provide other possibilities for our consideration that matches our needs closely. 

By knowing when to chime in with valuable information and providing us with insightful inputs, both Jeffrey and Elaine are the enablers to our key decision-making.

Sincerity and professionalism which have been demonstrated beyond the values of sincerus true reflection that were shown by Jeffrey and Elaine.


These have left us with an unforgettable and remarkable experience and memorable event for our families. 

Jeffrey and Elaine have created an awesome impression and experience feel for real estate industry which will be an investment game changer for anyone who engage them.


Definitely will recommend them strongly to friends who are keen to explore future property purchase.

Once again, A Big Thank You to Jeffrey and Elaine.


Warmest Regards,

Mr & Mrs Wong

Note of commendation to Mr Jeffrey Heng and Ms Elaine Chia

I would like to send a note of appreciation and commendation to Mr Jeffrey Heng and Ms Elaine Chia for their dedication and professionalism in their handling of our recent property transaction. 

Jeffrey and Elaine are the most sincere property consultants that we have had the pleasure of working with when we decided to engage their help with the sale of our HDB flat and the planning of our next property purchase.

Right from the first time we met Jeffrey and Elaine, they have been very forthcoming and honest with us on their objective of helping us make the right decision on our property purchase plan. Their emphasis on getting the most accurate financial figures from us in order to setup a clear and realistic affordability plan really helps us on making the right and informed decision for our next steps. There were never an instance of hard-selling or overly optimistic projections during the planning process, and they respectfully advise us to take time to think through the proposal instead of making a rushed decision helps us have clarity to eventually proceed with the plan. 

With their combined experience and team resources, Jeffrey and Elaine went to work very effectively and helped us secured an above-target offer for our flat within less than a month, and patiently facilitated our shortlisting of our potential new home until we made a choice, and they expertly negotiated a fair deal to help us secure our choice unit. 

The entire house selling to house hunting process was managed so smoothly by them that we did not feel any stress with the process. We were always given very prompt advise on what to expect and prepare for each step, and now we are already busy but happily awaiting the completion of our new house renovation to be complete for moving in in April. 

This entire journey over the past 6 months has been such a peaceful and enjoyable experience made possible with Jeffrey and Elaine's help and we truly appreciate their hard work and friendship in taking care of our family's next home. 

Thank you Jeff and Elaine! 


Joshua and Veronica 

Testimonial for Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia

I am writing in to share our selling and subsequently, buying experience with Jeffrey and Elaine. 

I think it is an understatement to say that they are the most professional and patient real estate agents that my wife and I have ever met. Not only did they manage to sell our first property at a higher than expected price, they also negotiated the buying price of our next property down to something that is more palatable to our budget.

They were patient throughout the entire process and never failed to offer their professional advice from a realtor's perspective. Not only do they have to go through the usual process of making sure that the needs of my wife, my mum and my kids' are fulfilled, they had to pass the hurdle of my fengshui master as well, making the house hunting process a very lengthy one. 

Happy and satisfied clients with their real estate agents

We finally came across one particular property which meets all our requirements after viewing more than 20 over listings and we thought that this is it, but Jeffrey and Elaine still offered their POV that the property is overpriced in their opinion. 

And I think this is really what sets them apart from the other agents, because if it were the other agents, they would have most likely dropped us as clients due to our cumbersome house searching criteria as well as the length of time they would need to invest in finding us the right house. But they didn't drop us, nor stop in their efforts to find us the perfect house. And even after finding the 'perfect' house, they didn't just take the easy way out and let us buy an overpriced property. 

The end result is a very happy family of 6 who have made a good profit from the selling of the first property and then profited again from the purchase of the perfect property that was not overpriced.

Hence I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude and thank Jeffrey and Elaine for their professionalism, patience and excellent service rendered!


Jeff Yeo

Testimonial for Jeffrey and Elaine

Below is a testimonial for Jeffrey and Elaine for their wonderful service. 

Being a first time home buyer, my wife and I were totally clueless about the whole HDB resale process. Luckily, we chanced upon Jeffrey’s contact from one of Chantel’s friends.


From the first meeting through Zoom to the subsequent flat viewings, they shared with us valuable information and knowledge from home ownership to the property market and beyond. They also helped us to assess our finances to see what kind of flats we can afford. Every meeting with them was very fun and pleasant. Their eye for detail was truly impeccable; every small detail and flaw would not miss their eyes when we were viewing flats. They would always put our interest first when filtering out flats for viewing; only showing us what we would like and suit our needs.


Having them as our agents really helped to alleviate our stress and made the whole buying process very much fuss free. Overall, we only have compliments for them and would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with buying or selling of their property. 


Dominic & Chantel

Testimonial for Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia

We would like to share our wonderful experience with Jeffrey and Elaine. 


When you’re a first time upgrader, buying the right unit for investment can be daunting.   


Both Jeffrey and Elaine has alleviated all of these stresses by knowing when to chime in with valuable information and providing us with insightful inputs that is key in our decision-making. 


There is a difference between hearing and listening to the needs of one. Jeffrey and Elaine definitely falls into the latter category. They listen with their hearts and they also look beyond and provide other possibilities for our consideration that matches our needs closely. 


It is the true reflection of sincerus value and we have acquired a new friendship between us. 


Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming and this is definitely one of them. Selling our existing unit and ending up with not 1 but 2 units bought within the same night is certainly a memorable event.


Thank you for walking with us through this journey and cheers to our friendship!


Alex Theh & Lena Teh

Testimonial for Jeffrey and Elaine

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeffrey and Elaine who have been absolutely wonderful to work with

Being first time house buyers, they were extremely patient with us and took into consideration of our needs and wants. They had drawn out information that we needed to know in detail, which gave us clarity about the whole buying process. In addition, their kind and warm disposition and guidance along each step of the process gave us the confidence that we were in good hands.

We will definitely recommend them to our family and friends.

Thank you,

Gobi & Elizah

A Heartfelt Thanks to Elaine Chia and Jeffrey Heng!

We reached out to Elaine for the first time in June 2019 last year after seeing her post advertisement of one unit that we were keen on.  She was very friendly and helpful on the phone to attend to our enquires on purchase of resale flat.  That was the beginning journey with Elaine and Jeffrey when we first meetup and discuss to sell our existing flat and purchase a resale flat.  Both Elaine and Jeffrey really put in their hearts to understand our personal needs and our financial situation for our next move, they provided good suggestions and have a systematic approach to help us to organise the entire buying and selling process i.e. guided us on What and How of HDB transaction flows and work out the financial plan for buying and selling.  If not for them, we have to self- study the guidelines ourselves which is a tedious process due to my work commitment. 

Both Elaine and Jeffrey were very pleasant as they are willing to share their experiences and provide sound advices to help us to sell our existing home.  They are very patient and professional when they were orientating the buyers of our existing home, they also highlighted on the buyer’s interests and resulting a win-win situation. We are happy with the valuation price and we are also blessed to find a buyer who are so understanding to allow us to extend our stay as our new home’s renovation was delayed due to circuit breaker (COVID 19).

When buying a resale flat, Elaine and Jeffrey understood what we wanted most in our new home i.e. proximity to public transport and other requirements, and make sure to help us get the most house for our budget.  They also make sure we look at every possible option before making a decision as we are first-timer to get resale flat. Despite they had planned for their holiday to Europe in December 2019, Elaine still make an effort to check and follow up on the buying process which we were very appreciative.  We also wish to thank to her team member, Jaslin, who assist to follow up on behalf with the seller’s agent of the resale flat.  In the end, we bought the perfect house for what we needed. 

I would absolutely recommend Elaine and Jeffrey to buyers and sellers who are considering to buy or sell their homes.

Thank you so much Elaine and Jeffrey for helping us to walk through the entire process with professionalism and best knowledge! 


Best Regards.

Patherine & Kerlyn

Testimonial for Jeffrey & Elaine

We are writing in to commend our property agents, Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia. They have already handled 3 real estate transactions for us and we definitely will not be looking for any other agents in future. The first transaction that they handled for us, was the purchase of my matrimonial home which was a HDB flat. During that time, they were very patient and made sure that all the houses that we viewed were carefully filtered according to our requirements. This was very important to me as I am very busy most of the time and I also need to travel quite a fair bit so my time was not wasted when we go for house viewings. They were around all the time and the viewings was made fun with all the jokes and other real estate stories that they’ve shared with us. This was different from what we heard from our friends where their agents are not even around during the viewings. The agents just arranged the viewings for our friends and asked our friends to go up to the house themselves. Then why do they even need an agent in the first place, we wonder. The whole process did not take too long and we managed to find a house that we can call home for the family. Our baby princess also arrived in this home and many other beautiful memories were forged here as well.

Fast forward till the day when we wanted to upgrade, it was without a doubt that we looked for Jeffrey and Elaine again to sell off our HDB and searched for the ideal property for us. Initially we did not know whether to go for a landed property or a 5-6 bedroom condominium. So Jeffrey and Elaine met up with us even late into the night to go through the pros and cons of the types of properties. After much discussion and considerations, we decided to go for a landed property. When Jeffrey and Elaine was selling our HDB, they did not rush or pressure us and in fact they told us not to rush as upgrading to a landed property is a big step and we need to be careful with the figures. The day came when they managed to sell off our HDB at a good price based on the current market and they were also very patient with the buyer’s agent even when he seems quite new to us.

During the time of selling, we were also viewing houses, hoping to find one that suits our requirements. As we were not familiar with landed properties, Jeffrey and Elaine shared a lot of their knowledge with us on landed houses. As a buyer, I would not have known that even the roads outside the house can make a difference to the purchase decision. They even went down to minute details like where our friends and relatives can park their cars when they visit us and many more. When we found the house that we fell in love with, they wasted no time and went ahead with the negotiations. As we liked the house a lot, we were almost prepared to pay what the seller wanted but Jeffrey and Elaine told us not to worry and not to rush and just leave it in their hands. They told us that they wish to achieve a price that is fair and just to both the sellers and buyers so that all will be happy with the whole transaction. One week of negotiations passed and we sealed the purchase with a price with all parties are happy with.

Jeffrey and Elaine have shown us what professionalism, integrity and sincerity is all about in the real estate industry. In our minds, we always thought that property agents are just out there to chase deals and they do not really care about clients. I hope that their sense of client service can be spread across the industry so that many more sellers and buyers like us can benefit from such good service. Cheers to your company for having gems like them.

Best regards,


From a very satisfied and grateful client!

Dear Jeffrey and Elaine,

Thank you for the excellent service rendered.

The list that I am grateful for is long:

(1) Thank you for the good advice that was given between the choice of purchase for a condo or HDB. [This was only made possible after a detailed and accurate analysis was made based on preference, salary, and CPF available.]

(2) After making a choice, good guidance was given as to the next steps needed, which is to secure a loan by meeting a trustworthy banker.

(3) Next, Jeffrey and Elaine were very patient, meeting me every week to show me various houses that fixed my criteria. It took awhile for me to find a house I liked. When I expressed my interest, Jeffrey and Elaine acted upon my request very quickly and I was able to secure my dream house within the same day I expressed interest. Both of them worked overtime till late evening to ensure that I was also able to buy the house and it was at a lower price I did not expect. Jeffrey and Elaine were there every steps of the way despite their schedule. Going above and beyond.

(4) The latest update is, I am able to rent out my place even though the rental market was a bit quiet. This would not have been possible without the patience, diligence, great sense of responsibility and care towards getting the best deals for their clients.

Being a first timer in the purchase of a house, I was quite nervous but Jeffrey and Elaine made the whole purchase a very smooth-sailing and enjoyable adventure. Thank you once again, for the heartwork and hardwork!!!

From a very satisfied and grateful client,

Yvonne Tan

Words from Clients-turned-friends!


We engaged Jeffrey's and Elaine's services to sell our Punggol unit and to purchase a resale unit in the East area.

Throughout the whole selling and purchasing process, they have been most patient with us: in explaining the procedures, appealing to HDB for selling our unit before MOP, giving advice on the selling and purchasing prices, etc. They are also very accommodating and prompt in scheduling the house-viewing. As such, we were able to sell our Punggol unit and buy our resale unit almost concurrently.

We are most glad to have engaged Jeffrey and Elaine as our agents, as the transactions were carried out smoothly and everything went according to our plans. We are now looking forward to moving into our new home.

HDB completion with Ian and Yvonne

And we would definitely recommend their efficient services to our relatives or friends. 

Yvonne ~ "Elaine, your understudy misses you too. She always mentions about you from time to time, especially when she puts on her <Frozen> heels. She will say Aunty Elaine also wears heels like her."

Best Regards,

Ian and Yvonne 

Testimonial for Jeffrey & Elaine

It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Jeffrey and Elaine on the sale of our old place and purchase of our new home.


They have been very patient and professional throughout, always ready to provide genuine and sound advice when we had doubts. They also made it a point to understand our needs and concerns before sharing their advice. Would definitely recommend them to friends who are keen to explore future property purchase.

Jiahao & Li Ling

Testimonial for Jeffrey & Elaine

I would like to commend Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia for their professionalism in the sale of my home.


Jeffrey and Elaine were always pleasant, helpful and sincere, never pushy. I was happy with the valuation and the quick sale of the home due to Jeffrey and Elaine's good work. They wasted no time with the photography, advertising and bringing prospective buyers through the home on a regular basis. The thought of selling my home had filled me with dread, but Jeffrey and Elaine did everything they could, reducing the stress that I face.


I am happy to recommend Jeffrey and Elaine to anyone considering selling their home.


Kamaljeet Kaur

Happy faces with real estate client - Stephanie
Testimonial for Jeffrey & Elaine

We have recently completed the purchase of our 2nd home with Jeffrey and Elaine.


We must say that they have been very patient throughout, sharing knowledge of their expertise and bringing us to various locations to view our ideal home and eventually negotiating the house at a good price. In fact, the sale of our first home was also completed by both of them and we really appreciate that the price was strategically priced and marketed.

Jeffrey and Elaine made both buying and selling seem like a breeze. We will definitely recommend them to our family and friends who wish to sell or buy homes.

Many thanks to Jeffrey and Elaine!


Tommy & Stephanie

Testimonial for Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia

I would like to sincerely say thank you very much to Jeffrey and Elaine for finding my HDB flat.  I came across Elaine when I was searching for a unit, and spoken to her on the phone.  At the start, I didn’t want to engage an agent and I have met up with so many agents beforehand but couldn’t find someone whom I can liaise with easily. Elaine explained on the phone the importance of having an agent and she sent me a link of her successful clients.  After hearing, reading and thinking about it, I decided to meet up with her to see what she can offer.

The meeting went very well with Jeffrey and Elaine, and I decided to proceed with engaging her as my agent as they are very knowledgeable and professional in their field.  They were able to provide all the necessary help such as advice on any potential issues with the units viewed, any likes and dislikes, finding a lawyer and all the necessary procedures that I would need to know with the purchase and settlement.  Elaine was able to let me know of the changes in laws and regulations promptly so I can decide whether to proceed with the purchase.

Additional to the above, I would highly recommend Jeffrey and Elaine to my friends should they wish to find a place of their own.  I found them very friendly and easy to communicate with.  This is my first property purchase and I found that it is really useful and helpful to have an agent who is good, knowledgeable and willing to help.  This really helped to make the whole process from start to finish a smooth process as well as cutting out any unnecessary issues and worries, and more importantly time

I am very happy with the purchase and have moved in after the renovation. I am really appreciative of all the help that Jeffrey and Elaine have helped me with.  I would like to wish them all the very best for their career and family. Will keep in touch!

Best regards, 

Valerie Wong

Compliment letter for Jeffrey and Elaine from OrangeTee


When we first started deciding to relocate to another HDB, we had concerns on whether to sell our existing flat first or to buy first. We seek advice online and there were many agents who replied to our questions. Jeffrey Heng’s reply stood out amongst the rest. He gave a detailed analysis of the current property situation and how we could go about managing the timeline of both the selling and purchase of HDB.


We decided to make an appointment with Jeffrey for a discussion. Jeffrey brought along his partner who is his wife - Elaine Chia on our first appointment. After our discussion, we felt that we had found the right person to entrust them with selling our property. We were even convinced after the sale advertisement of our house. Even though our property is a low floor unit, there had always been a constant flow of buyers coming in to view the house. This means that Jeffrey & Elaine had done exceptionally well in advertising our unit! We were delighted as initially, we were very pessimistic and doubtful that our unit would even be sold within 6 months.

Appreciative lunch with real estate clients

Jeffrey had also always made the point to show our house personally and he was able to highlight the positive aspects of our humble unit. We were also impressed by Elaine for her tactical negotiation with the buyers. She constantly defended for our best interest, and the unit was eventually sold within 4 months.

During the buying process, Jeffrey & Elaine had also brought us to view numerous units in the area we planned to purchase. They had been very patient in accompanying us in all the viewings and not only that, they had also provided their personal advice on what are the pros and cons of the units. The whole process felt as though they were buying their own home. There were times when we quite like a unit, and they would try to convince us to go for a 2nd view to make sure all aspects of the units are well-desired. We couldn’t thank them more, to point out some

potential issues with a particular unit before we jump in to commit. Jeffrey & Elaine had also been like a family friend and sometimes after viewing, they would bring my son to a park nearby, which he enjoyed tremendously!

Even though we viewed numerous units, the search of the perfect unit took longer than expected. Jeffrey & Elaine never urged us to make a decision. We finally found a preferred unit on Christmas Eve, a unit where all 4 of us like. However, as the seller requested for extension of stay. It seemed almost impossible for us to purchase the unit given that we had also requested for an extension from our buyer. Jeffrey was quick to think of a solution for us.


Elaine had also helped us with the negotiation of price. They stayed with us throughout the whole process until we finally arrived at a deal. It was a wonderful Christmas gift, thanks to Jeffrey & Elaine.

We thank them for being professional and always going the extra miles in their duty. We had a peace of mind during the entire selling/buying process. We will definitely recommend them to our friends & relatives.


Raymond, Valerie and Darren

Testimonial for Mr. Jeffrey Heng & Ms. Elaine Chia

Dear Sir/Madam,


This is the testimonial for Mr. Jeffrey Heng (CEA:  L3009250K / R006699D) and Ms. Elaine Chia (CEA: L3009250K / R042214F):


“My wife and I decided to sell our flat when it reached its M.O.P with the plan to upgrade to a condominium. We were unsure if we could support a private property in the long run and if we should settle on a resale HDB in a good location instead. At this point, we were very blessed to have met Jeffrey and Elaine to help us look into these issues. We chose them simply because “2 is better than 1” – engaging 2 agents would greatly enhance the chances of the getting our house sold. To our surprise, instead of 2 agents helping us, we got his whole team on board to support us.


Both Jeffrey and Elaine are the most dedicated sales persons we have ever met. They were sincere and prompt in their replies and most importantly they did not rush us to make decisions. They offered us sound advice (financial, legal and many more) and guided us patiently through the whole process: the sale of our flat and the purchase of our dream home. Everything went very smoothly and in accordance with the timeline they came up with.


We are very pleased and satisfied with their professionalism and most importantly the services they have rendered us. If we come across friends or relatives who need professional advice on housing matters, without fail, Jeffrey and Elaine are the two names that will surface naturally.


Thank you, Jeffrey and Elaine!”


Best Regards,

Mr Eddie Lau & Ms Rachel Teo

Testimonial - Jeffrey & Elaine


I contacted Jeffrey and Elaine somewhere in the middle of 2015 to help me with the sale of my parent's estate.

Ours was a unique case as it involved the expiry of administration after 7 years. So it was about 1 year later before we can get the court order and also HDB's approval to sell the house. During this time, Jeffrey was still giving me advice and he didn't disappear on me. 

It was another thing getting the house presentable & clean for viewing. Jeffrey and Elaine tried to get their contacts to help us with it and I have to say the house was transformed and definitely better than it has been in years.

My neighbours were actually interested to get our unit but they were only willing to pay a lower price. Jeffrey and Elaine didn't stop at just working on the neighbours, they got us a few offers and eventually we sold it to the neighbour matching above and beyond what we wanted

But that was not the end of it, the authority was making things difficult for us and it wasn't easy getting them to see things our way... So Jeffrey & Elaine stepped in again and helped to source around for alternatives to settle the sales proceeds and the distribution of the estates.


I will definitely get Jeffrey & Elaine as my agents for my next house as they were there whenever I encountered problems and I know they look out for my interests and not just out to make a quick buck


Compliments for Elaine Chia and Jeffrey Heng


We write this email to compliment Jeffrey Heng and Elaine Chia for their excellent service.

Last year, when we heard that my company might relocate us overseas, we explored the idea of selling our flat. Jeffrey & Elaine responded promptly to our request for advice, spent 1.5 hour to educate us on government and HDB rules, financing options, sound budgeting practices, and developments in the real estate market, etc. They listened to our concerns and preferences, did not "hard sell" the idea of upgrading from HDB to a private home, and did not pressure us to engage them exclusively. They were warm, sincere, thoughtful, and helpful. They left a strong and positive impression on me and my wife.

When we decided to explore the idea of selling our HDB flat and buying a private property, they promptly sent us suggestions based on our parameters, and again did not "hard sell" or pressure us to decide, which we appreciated. It seemed to us that they truly understood the weightiness of such decisions for families in our shoes.

Ultimately, we decided that the relocation was stressful enough and decided not to undergo property transactions in Singapore too. Instead, we decided to rent out the flat. Jeffrey & Elaine agreed to be our agent. They were precise in their advice and instructions, and they helped source cleaners and contracts to make our flat more attractive for renters. In my view, they managed to find renters reasonably quickly at a reasonable market rate. Even as we remain overseas, we have the peace of mind knowing that our flat is being managed by dedicated professionals like Jeffrey & Elaine.


Adrian and Anna

Letter of Commendation to Jeffrey & Elaine


I want to commend both Jeffrey & Elaine for their efforts on the sale and purchase of my flat. My wife and I truly appreciate their attention to details and relentless effort to make the sale and purchase on time and in our best favour. I have not worked with any housing agents prior to this, but I am confident enough to say that not many of them could come close to comparing to the service provided to us by Jeffrey & Elaine.

Right from the start they were very friendly and accommodating to our schedules, all the meetups were at our convenience, they were always on time and we literally had to do nothing for the sales, just attend the

Happy Customers of Property Agents

appointments at HDB, do some signings and everything was done! The process couldn’t have been smoother. Even when the buyer’s sister kept trying to contact us, Jeffrey & Elaine tried their best to prevent the sister from disturbing us and refused to give our contacts to the sister, for which I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately the sister lived above my old flat so she still managed to sneak over to knock on my door to ask me if I could make some changes to the dates of the handover. But the matter was handled professionally by Jeffrey & Elaine and everything still went according to planned.


For the purchase of my new flat, Jeffrey & Elaine shared their experiences with us about things to look out for, what is the market value of the flat and the potential growth in case I want to sell it in future. Their combined wealth of experience is what I have benefited from greatly, nowhere during the process had I felt that they were just trying to “find a flat, get it over with and earn their commission”, they assessed my family dynamics, knew what I was looking for and tried their best to find one that catered to all my needs, within a tight time-frame too! My new flat is amazing, good view and location, it basically had whatever I wanted and thanks to their negotiating skills, they managed to help me negotiate a price that is within my means so that I could have enough to do the renovations and moving.

Even after the completion of the sales, by now most agents would have closed the case, but not them. Jeffrey & Elaine stayed in contact with us throughout the entire moving in process, offering their genuine advice on the renovations, where to buy the necessities and what to look out for during the moving out and moving in process. They definitely went to “infinity and beyond” with their services provided. They are role models to all other agents out there, and believe me, during the entire process I have seen a few of them from the different buyers and sellers, none of them are anything like Jeffrey & Elaine. My wife and I couldn’t be happier and more blessed to have chosen them as our agents!

Mr Adrian Chew

5-star Review!

I've worked with many agents in the past but Jeffrey and Elaine are definitely the best :) They didn't just show us what we asked for but took the extra step to understand our real needs and suggested some great options. 

They were very responsive to all our requests and even came down to show us houses on Christmas morning! Their dedication to work, commitment to clients to get the best possible home and their genuine concern for people makes them an absolute pleasure to work with :) 

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy sell or rent in Singapore.

Swathi Eashwer

Appreciative clients who have given 5 star good review to real estate agents - Jeffrey and Elaine
5-star Review!

We are new to Singapore and we were very pleased with our experience with Jeffrey and Elaine. They worked professionally and are very knowledgeable about the property market. Their after sales service was superb and was very kind also to have showed as around town to help us settle in the new neighbourhood. They also carefully selected the flats that met our criteria and needs and gave us good recommendations and the pros and cons of different districts and condo locations.


I would definitely recommend my friends to them.

Mr and Mrs Lui

Howell's Testimonial
Thank you, Jeffrey & Elaine!

Jeffrey & Elaine have shown to us what all real estate agents should be like. They have been courteous, professional, hardworking and absolutely committed to helping us at every step and turn along our journey to sell our unit and purchase our new home. 

Our sale has not been without its problems, but Jeffrey & Elaine's unwavering help, support, belief and humour have got us through the worst times and really helped us to focus on our dreams. 

It has felt at times as if we were their only client, such is their personal attention, and commitment at all hours of the day or night. We have already recommended them to our friends and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone that has been let down by other real estate agents that focus on their own commission rather than the best interests of their clients. 

Real estate agents deal with people's lives and dreams, and if more people remembered that, as Jeffrey & Elaine do, I believe the reputation of the entire real estate industry in Singapore would improve instantly. 

Jeffrey & Elaine set the standard that others should aspire to emulate. 

Mr and Mrs Howell

Real Estate Agents with Testimonials
Letter of appreciation to Jeffrey & Elaine​

We would like to thank Jeffrey & Elaine for their professional service and friendly approach to our needs.

From months ago, we were searching for a flat within our budget, and we almost went ahead with a purchase but it was unfortunate that it didn't worked out. We did not give up our hope and continued looking on for an agent who could help us with the search. We spoke with Elaine and a meet-up was quickly set up between us, they wanted to better understand our needs and help us with the search.

Both Jeffrey & Elaine were very helpful and resourceful in resolving our situation needs, they really helped us a lot by getting a very good buying price with their very good negotiation skills and most of all, a beautiful house with little requirements of renovation to be done in our preferred area. The location is very convenience too, we are just within 4 to 5 mins' walk to various transportation, eating place and groceries shops and market.

Their working methods really impressed us with sincerity and hard work. They always made an effort to answer all our questions promptly on our chat group, and this had helped us to make more informed decisions. From our bottom of our hearts, we are truly thankful for both their hard work and initiatives. Once again, best wishes to both Jeffrey & Elaine.


Jeremy Pong & Eenar Lim

Compliments to Jeffrey & Elaine

I would like to compliment Jeffrey & Elaine on their wonderful customer service which was rendered to both of us during our journey of finding our dream home in Jurong West.

There was never any sense of pressure or obligation and they were always so polite and patient and did their best to accommodate our schedules in their busy lives.

Both of them were always available 24/7 to answer our queries and that gave us a sense of satisfaction. We will highly recommend Jeffrey & Elaine to our friends and family for your great service.

We both are so grateful to have you as our agents and for helping us find our love nest. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Vadi & Stephanie

Property Agents with Good Compliments
Dedicated Property Agent with Clients
Special compliment to Jeffrey & Elaine

I am writing to compliment our ERA agents - Jeffrey and Elaine for their dedication in helping with both our selling and purchasing of our previous and new home. 

They are not only professional but also our trusted advisers in the entire process. They guided us on every steps and processes so that we are comfortable and fully informed. They were always with us on each and every house viewing and provided us with great advice. They have gone the extra mile to checked with various government agencies, background checks of selling agent to ensure our buying is as smooth as possible.

They always act with the best of our interest. It have been a wonderful experience working with this team and I highly recommend them to our friends and relatives. Their level of service and commitment is awesome.


Thanks again for helping us find our dream home.

Yonghua and Jaslin

Testimonial from a happy family!

It is with great pleasure and gratitude when we share good comments about our experience with Jeffrey & Elaine for their wonderful customer service and tremendous help during our journey of selling our house and finding a new house.
We have certainly experienced a high level of excellence in customer service in sale of our old house, finding and buying of the new house.
During each phase of selling and buying, their efforts were superior. They gave us many useful insights, did effective showings of our place and proactive facilitation 

Buying and selling HDB - Good property agent

during the negotiation and all the due diligence to ensure our interests were protected. All of these tasks were accomplished with a noticeable degree of integrity, competence, patience and grace.
There was no sense of pressure and the entire journey had been simply stress-free. They are very nice and polite. We will highly recommend Jeffrey & Elaine to anyone for their level of excellence in service.
Soh and Family

Very positive experience with Jeffrey & Elaine!

I am very pleased to say that my wife and I have had a very positive experience with Jeffrey and Elaine with regards to the sale of our HDB home in Ang Mo Kio and advising us through the journey of getting our next home!

Their advice has been very sound and they put themselves in our shoes as the seller. Thus, we felt that we were in safe hands. That said even after gaining our trust, Jeffrey and Elaine continued their professionalism and unwavering support whenever we need them. They have always been contactable and are very responsible

I'm glad to have met these 2 wonderful people who are incredible at their jobs! I hope more in the industry would emulate their professionalism and passion in creating a wholesome customer service in the real estate business!

Brandon & Donna Yeo

Thank you for the great work, Jeffrey & Elaine!

Jeffrey and Elaine has been managing my rental flat for more than 3 years. They are able to get my flat rented out quickly. Their prompt responses to any problem that is encountered by the tenants made it fuss free for me (I have to travel a lot for work).

Jeffrey and Elaine were often willing to provide support beyond what is required. To help save money for me, they help sell away furniture and kitchen appliances that the new tenant did not want.

Thank you for the great work!

Mr Tan

Best Property Agent
You are the BEST, Elaine!

I will like to compliment Elaine Chia for her excellent help in my recent purchase of a HDB resale flat in Woodlands.

As I am a first-time buyer, I tried doing research via the HDB web info on the procedures for resale but hard to keep up with it.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Elaine, who is very professional in providing advices on procedures, and it so simple thereafter for me! Representing the Buyer (me), she has helped me with a lot of liaison with the Seller in my best interest, ensure documents/appointments are duly submitted and sharing advices from her past experience has been most beneficial.

I am glad that overall the procedures are completed smoothly within a very short timeframe of 4 months (was told by my friends it will be longer) and I am now a proud owner of a HDB!

So, thank you Elaine for the wonderful service and experience for this purchase. You are the BEST!

Jayen Ang

Thumb up for your excellent service, Elaine!

It was a pleasure to have Elaine Chia as my HDB buying agent. As a first time resale flat buyer, Elaine ensure that I fully understand the process and cleared up any doubts that I had. Not only she was responsive, she was timely in answering my queries at any time of the day.

She was prudent to my requirements of a preferred unit. During viewings, she helped to assess the house and asked all the important questions. I confidently felt that my best interests were well represented.

As the seller of the unit had requested for 3 month extension of stay after the transaction, Elaine had been very patience to explain the surge in property tax and other charges which will be imposed on me. She went the extra mile to help me arrange visits to the unit for renovation preparation during the extension period.

Elaine was very meticulous in providing breakdown of the amount I could claim back from the seller and rebate from IRAS, giving me peace of mind that everything had been well taken care of by her.

I give a thumb up for her excellent service!  Thank you very much, Elaine!

Ann Tan

Best Property Agent
Heartfelt thanks to Jeffrey & Elaine!

My family and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jeffrey & Elaine for their tremendous help throughout the whole of our house searching, buying and selling process.

We picked Jeffrey & Elaine to be our agents because they were very thoughtful. Initially we contacted Elaine to check out one of the unit that she was selling some time in Dec 2015.  While other agents we contacted just wanted to arrange for us to view their unit without asking much, she goes a step further to esquire about our plans and advise us to sell our existing HDB flat first before buying our new unit.

Jeffrey & Elaine were extremely responsive to our queries and accommodating to our request. My father is an early sleeper and thus potential buyers were not able to view his bedroom during viewing sessions in the evening time. They helped to explain the reason to the buyers and showed them photos of the room instead. During weekend, my father has the hobby of watching horse racing usually between the prime viewing timing like 12pm to 5pm and they accommodated to our request of no viewing.

Due to the convenience of the location, we wanted to purchase units near to our current location and Elaine research and send us email of the houses available promptly and arrange for viewing without any hassle.

We highly recommend their team to others for real estate transactions.


Young couple buying their first flat with their superb real estate agents
Our experience with Jeffrey & Elaine!

We recently bought a flat in Jurong West, and we would like to write about the services of Jeffrey & Elaine. 

During our first meet up, we immediately felt that they are friendly and nice and we decided to appoint them to help us with the purchase of our flat. Within a few days, we started viewing houses. They shared with us their knowledge on choosing the right houses, which we appreciate a lot. Within a few weeks, we found our dream house. For this, I must really praise them for their hard work as they know our requirement very well.

Then came the negotiation stage. They were able to negotiate very well

with the seller and therefore bargain the price to our advantage. We were very happy with the final purchase price as its below the valuation price. Again, another Kudos to them!  

Finally, its their after-service. After we purchase the flat, they were still helping us with all the coordination. Therefore, both my wife and I would highly recommended Jeffrey & Elaine to anyone who is interested in buying their new house in the near future. Please approach them and you will not regret it! We are more than 100% satisfied with their service and professionalism. 

Wayne & Candy

Testimonial for Jeffrey & Elaine!

When my husband and I decided to sell our flat, we did our due diligence and talked to several agents. We talked to agents we did not know as well as those our friends recommended. We did not know Jeffrey & Elaine or anyone in their team. We called Elaine when we saw their flyer in our mailbox and thought that their team marketing was promising. After one appointment and consolidating the information we obtained, we decided to engage them to market our unit. Apart from the fact that Jeffrey & Elaine were enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable about the industry, one reason why we hired them was they did not tell us to “settle” for the “market price”. After talking to several agents, including the ones friends recommended, we realise that whenever we asked “how much do you think our unit will sell for?” the agents will invariably spend some time and effort to prepare us psychologically to confront a “less-than-rosy” resale market. Many will

Best Property Agents - SG Property Advisers

give us multiple examples of units “better than ours” which should sell well but did not. This was always the case even though we had signalled to the agents we know that resale market now is not ideal. These attempts to persuade us to be “realistic” backfired because we began to feel that these agents would not do their best to sell our unit at the best price we could get. They would just, to use their words “settle.” 

Jeffrey & Elaine stood out from the agents we talked to because they did not tell us to settle. While they did tell us what was the market price (which in the first place could be checked easily online), they also told us what could be done and what their strategy would be and how they marketed properties. They told us they would try their best to get us the best price even if the market conditions for sellers were not ideal. This was part of their promise to put our interest first. Even the way they explained why we should sign an “exclusive” agreement with them was eminently sensible and logical i.e. that an absence of an exclusive agreement will create a competitive environment for several agents to secure commissions for themselves first rather than look out for the best deal for their clients. When we met and heard Jeffrey & Elaine for the first time, we know that our search for a good agent was over. My husband and I felt that their presentation showed what professional property agents should and must do.

We were not disappointed. Elaine and her team managed to sell our flat in one day with a selling price that went well over valuation. And they took care of everything, including all the minor details, minimising the time and effort we had to spend on the sale procedure. Because we were due to relocate overseas and were not even in Singapore when the flat was handed over, Jeffrey & Elaine had to help us do the final packing and tidying of the flat. We are especially grateful that they went over the call of duty and fronted some money to settle some of the necessary smaller payments at the second and third appointments before we could wire them the funds from overseas. Throughout the entire process, we were informed and updated every step of the way. Because of their professionalism and strong sense of accountability to their clients, the process of selling our flat went very smoothly.

Jeffrey & Elaine did not just do what we think professional property agents should do. They also understand, as Jeffrey says, that this is a “people” business. Jeffrey & Elaine know that they are not simply selling and managing “dead” objects i.e. houses and property. They really take care to know their clients. Elaine for instance, remembered my husband’s birthday and bought some cupcakes to celebrate his birthday with us. We even got to know their lovely daughter who played with our daughters when all of us met up before we left Singapore. Toward the end of the sale procedure, I felt that we had known Jeffrey & Elaine for a long time and that they were good friends who were helping us take care of the sale process. We truly felt that we were in good hands and we did not have to worry about anything at all. This was the trust and bond that we had built up with Jeffrey & Elaine. So, if any friend or relative asked me to recommend an agent to handle any property transaction, I would recommend my friends, Jeffrey & Elaine, anytime.

Ms Sai Siew Min

Thanks once again, Jeffrey!

I, Mrs Ravi would like to thank Jeffrey Heng on behalf of my family in helping to sell my unit and get another one. Before consulting Jeffrey, I had another housing agent from a different agency who made a mess and was only keen to just sell my unit and finish her job although she was a friend of mine. She told me I have to downgrade or move to a rental flat for a couple of months. But that was not my aim. That's when I wanted a second opinion. I went to ERA homepage and approached Jeffrey with my problem by calling him. He immediately made an appointment with me the very next day. I told him what happened. He assured me that he will not force me into anything. He will cater to my taste in selecting my unit.

And to be very honest,he was extremely patient with me in selling and buying a unit. He never send me to view any of units alone and was always there when buyers came to view my unit. Although I was asked by my previous agent to view by myself and buyers will come and view my unit in her absence. I really felt comfortable with him. He readily cleared my doubts and showed he was and is professional.

Jeffrey is a reliable and dedicated person who takes pride in his job. He takes his clients' requests seriously and works really hard in achieving what was put up to him. The way he handle my case showed how professional he was. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him. To my family and myself, right now Jeffrey has become our good friend.


Thanks once again to Jeffrey!


Mrs Ravi

Extremely helpful - Jeffrey!

I am writing with reference to the excellent and professional service extended to me by Mr Jeffrey Heng during my purchase of my HDB flat.

Even though Jeffrey was the agent representing the seller and I was the buyer, he was extremely helpful in advising me on the necessary protocols of the HDB procedures and to orientate me on the required actions needed on my end. At the same time, his positive attitude and patience in getting both parties to come to a consensus on the transaction and follow up in terms of the administrative and logistical matters were also to be highly commended.

Overall, the transaction had taken 4 months from the time of flat viewing to key collection and was itself a very smooth and relatively painless transaction for a first time buyer as myself. I will be pleased to recommend his professional services to my other friends and family or to even contact him myself for similar needs in the future.

Ms Loo Hwee San

Thank you once again, Jeffrey!

I am writing in to commend on the wonderful service that our agent, Jeffrey Heng, has provided with regards to the selling of my flat in Bedok.

It is generally hard to pick a good agent from the thousands out there but I think I did it pretty well. Jeffrey has been great in helping me sell my property for the right price. My flat was pretty hard to sell as new rulings kicked in and people stayed away. Jeffrey was patient and encouraging and it was him that actually encouraged to keep waiting as he was confident he will get it sold and he did. And not forgetting to mention that the buyer was an old couple who did not have an agent serving them and in the end, Jeff had to guide them throughout the whole process and we laughed when we came to know that Jeff had to bring his laptop and the whole printer/scanner up to the buyer’s house to help them with their documents.


Apart from the fact that the house was sold at a good price when times were not that good, he is personally a wonderful person and is more a friend than our agent. There were so many times that we found ourselves happily chatting either before or after the showings. He was a very real person who opens himself to share with us even things that is happening to his own family and that really made us very comfortable with him as never once we feel that he is just another agent. For example he also shared with us on how his daughter has benefited from attending this Shichida course and he was really so happy that he sent her there and he also strongly encouraged us to send our daughter there too. And yes, now our daughter is attending this Shichida course that he has recommended and we were so glad that we took his recommendation. There was also a time when I was hospitalised and when he knew about it, he immediately came down to visit me. When we were nearing the completion date, he even helped me with some of the house moving after the final inspection and he even volunteered to carry the heavy stuffs as he was afraid that I will hurt myself as I just left the hospital not long ago. I am really very impressed with this man. Every time he comes to the house, it really feels like a friend visiting more than an agent coming to show the house. 

I guess it is pretty standard to say that he was very professional in his dealings and his knowledge of the industry and practice is second to none, but I also wish to add that his care and concern for his clients and also his willingness to put interests in his clients’ lives is also second to none. Overall we were very comfortable and pleased to have him serve our needs. 

I am very sure that ERA and the industry have a gem in your hands, so please ensure that his services are retained. I will be engaging his services pretty soon again for sure.

Thank you once again Jeffrey.

Siva and Family

Thank you, Jeffrey!

My family and I would like to nominate Jeffrey Heng for this Best Client Service Award and also take this opportunity to thank Jeffrey for his professional efforts in helping us to sell our HDB flat in Punggol. He has incredibly deep and detailed knowledge for the current real estate market and we can really feel his passion in trying to understand our every needs.


Actually I came to know Jeffrey in November 2012. I contacted him as I wanted to sell my flat way back in November 2012 and we met up for a chat. I shared with him on my personal family problems which involved my sister who was about  to get married and staying in house and she was making things very difficult for the family and also for the sale of the house. Before talking to Jeffrey, I also spoke to another very prominent agent in Punggol but all that she did, was to ask me to settle the matter quick so that she can sell the house. But Jeffrey was really there just listening and advising me about my family matters and he didn’t even think about the house selling at all. He was there consoling and advising me on what he thinks that needs to be done so that everyone in the house would be happy. He even advised me to postpone the selling of the house so that my sister could be married off in the house and that would make things much better for everyone but that would mean that he will need to wait one year before he could sell my house! I am really surprised that an agent would really do that! In the whole process, I could really feel that he has put my family’s interest before his own deal and commission.


Finally when the time came when I could really sell the house and that was really one year later, without a doubt, I immediately called Jeffrey and he proceeded to help me with the whole house selling process. During the house selling, most of the time he would come earlier to chat with the whole family which included my father and mother as well. As it was the end of the year season, Jeffrey even bought Christmas present for my daughter. I really felt that he has behaved much more than an agent and he is more like a family friend. Although the market wasn’t very good, I was delighted with his speed and efficiency in the whole process of selling our place. Nearing the end of the transaction, I wanted to rent a temporary accommodation before my BTO flat came and I promised Jeffrey right from the start that I will use his services to help me rent. After some discussion with my wife, we were thinking that if we could rent the house ourselves, we would be able to save some commission fees and so I spoke to Jeffrey. Instead of being angry or unhappy, he actually told us it is better as we could use the commission to increase the budget for the rental. I was really surprised that this man was so broad hearted. Even when he did not represent me in the renting and never earned a single cent from me, he still gave me advice on the rental and teaching me what to do such as ownership checks and such. My wife and I are truly thankful for such a wonderful agent. We have never thought that an agent could be so nice and caring to their clients, Jeffrey really changed the way we looked at property agents


We really hope that Jeffrey can be a role model for many in the property industry and there will be more happy sellers and buyers around. May good luck and good health always stay with you and your family.


Mr Robin Lee & Family

Big thank you, Jeffrey!

My husband, David and I would like to extend a big thank you to our agent – Jeffrey Heng, and we want to nominate him for this Best Client Service Award.

Last November, We approached him for help in selling our old flat and finding a bigger one for us. Being  1st timer sellers/buyers, we were uncertain about certain procedures. However, Jeffrey was very patient with us and our queries. As our dad is also one of the house owners and he was already getting on in age and has difficulties hearing, once again Jeffrey has demonstrated extreme patience while he was explaining things to our dad. 

After the sale of our old house, Jeffrey went on to find a place for us to purchase. Even though we looked at many units, there was none that could catch our eye. However, Jeffrey didn’t give up searching and eventually found a unit for us. Even though it wasn’t a 1st choice unit for us, Jeffrey told us this “I am sure you will love this place, even though it’s a low floor. Just go view and take a look, you may just like it.”

Guess what? We ended up buying the unit because we simply loved the place!

When Jeffrey tells us that he will observe his clients while he is serving them, he really means it. He was able to grasp our likes and dislikes and he was able to capitalise on that to bring us to see the unit that we will like. Even though this was not a mid/high floor unit that we told him we wanted, he was able to work around and think out of the box for us after knowing our needs. This indeed helps to save much time for buyers like us. It was pretty scary to hear of my friends viewing more than 30 units before they find a house that they like. After that we also realised that Jeffrey had actually went to view the unit before us so as to ensure that we would really like the place before bringing us there. I really have to say this guy really goes out of his comfort zone to do things that helps his clients. He is definitely a notch higher as compared to many others.

Seriously, the whole process was nothing short of being happy. All the parties involved in the transaction had very good relationships with each other and every meet up was filled with much laughter. I have heard from many of my friends that sometimes house transactions can be very nasty at the end but I have to say that Jeffrey has really kept the transaction in such a way that everyone is happy. The sellers and ourselves are also good friends now and we will be inviting the sellers, the seller’s agent and of course Jeffrey and his family to our house warming party once our house renovations are done. During our inspection of the flat just before the completion, Jeffrey even volunteered to send the seller’s agent home after knowing that the seller’s agent was actually sick. I always thought that real estate agents are always competing against each other but strangely I have never seen all these happening with Jeffrey. Oh and just to add, Jeffrey’s professionalism in the business has inspired us so much that my husband have also decided to join the real estate business! My husband have just completed his RES course and he will be joining Jeffrey once he passes his exams.

To conclude, I just have to say that it was a wonderful start to the whole transaction and a wonderful end to us seeing our home finishing the renovations soon. Really want to say thanks to Jeffrey once again for helping us to find not a house but a home. All these have etched a very nice memory in our minds and will definitely stay for a life time.

If there is a name to be tagged to the Best Client Service Award, I really cannot think of a better name other than Jeffrey Heng.

Mr David Ho & Ms Grace Tng

A wonderful real estate agent - Jeffrey!

Mr Jeffrey Heng has been a wonderful real estate agent serving us and hence we would like to furnish a testimonial on his good service.

My husband & I met Jeffrey by a stroke of luck when we were viewing a property that he was marketing. Although that property did not suit our needs, we stuck a friendly conversation about the property market and found that he echoed many of our sentiments. Shortly after, we made a decision to sell our condo. Despite having many friends who are property agents, we decided to try using Jeffrey. That was the best decision we've made! Within a short time frame of signing an exclusive with him, he sold our property at the price we wanted.

Apart from his amazing ability to best represent his clients, he goes beyond his duty to help us. We had a difficult tenant who damaged our property and refused to pay rent. He volunteered to help us mediate; whilst my original tenancy agent did nothing to help. My husband had a busy work schedule; and Jeffrey was very accommodating to come over at late hours to meet us. He responds to all our calls promptly and politely. Despite his wealth of experience, he was always humble and courteous. I totally respect him for his professionalism.

My husband & I have transacted various properties for more than 10 years and we've met our fair share of property agents over the past decade. Jeffrey's service beats the rest by miles. I will not hesitate to use Jeffrey again for any future transactions and will highly recommend him to all my friends.

Mrs Nicole Lock

Thank you, Jeffrey & Elaine!

Yesterday was our completion day of the first ever buying a house experience for my wife and myself. We are a Korean couple with a 14-month-old boy and have been in Singapore for just over 2 years. We did not have experience to buy a house while in Korea but had to decide to do it in Singapore as we expect to stay here in a bit longer period of time. Therefore we need a sweet home rather than renting a house every 2 years term. 

In the beginning, we asked our friends and colleagues as well as the agent who helped us rent current HDB unit. we were invited to view a few houses/condos by the agent and the agent’s co-agent etc. but nothing was comfortable therefore we decided to do more research by exploring websites and advertisements on the weekend paper.

Happy long time Korean Clients with their good real estate agents

One fine day we had found a potential Executive condo near our house in the website and I had left a message to Jeffrey & Elaine but to be frank, I did not expect much from doing it at that time as usually I did not get much feedback from website activities. 


When I had received unexpected call from Jeffrey about the condo, he suggested to pay me a visit and explain more about it. And he did it with Elaine. After about an hour of discussion, I had already felt that Jeffrey & Elaine are different from other agents and showed me and my wife a confidence to rely on them. It was quite unusual for me to sign on a letter for Jeffrey & Elaine that we officially ask them to be responsible for our house hunting but later on they showed us their professionalism and confidence. Every day and week they have tried very best to do research based on our requirements and brought us various viewing sessions with much detailed explanations. The explanations not only about the house but also about general market information such as cooling measure, which in the end came true. With Jeffrey & Elaine’s good guidance we were able to manage to complete our offer with the seller on the last day before the cooling measure kicked off. 

As we are not familiar with Singaporean rules/regulations/practices in terms of purchasing an house, without their information and guidance we are sure that we should be still looking for a house or perhaps have given up to buy it but just try another renting. 

We must admit that Jeffrey & Elaine were always professional but act like a closed friend on whom we could fully rely. We must not forget in this sense that they were kind enough to visit our boy’s first-year birthday together with our family. 

Last but not least, I have an enough confidence to introduce any of my friends and colleagues in future to both Jeffrey & Elaine and I am sure that Jeffrey & Elaine will find out a dream home for them. 

Moonhak Oh & Christina Kim
Buyer of Serangoon Condo

Thumbs up, Jeffrey & Elaine!


My wife and I would like to extend our thanks to Jeffrey & Elaine, for their efforts in securing a purchase of our new condo unit in Park Green, for a price that was acceptable to us.They are also the agents for the sale of our HDB unit as well as my parent's.

Both Jeffrey & Elaine kept us informed and up to date on the progress of our purchase and sale of the properties. Their jovial and easy going personality also made us comfortable. When I first inquired on the unit at Park Green, Jeffrey was very prompt in replying. And there was a point whereby the sale of my parents flat would not be completed due to my mother's illness. Their positive attitude and good advice made it all possible. Jeffrey also visited my mother while she was in the hospital, even when it was already late at night.


We would recommend both Jeffrey & Elaine, for any property transactions and will definitely have him or her as our agent in the near future.

Thumbs up to both Jeffrey and Elaine!

Sahiril & Yana Jabar

Well done, Jeffrey & Elaine!

I am writing to congratulate Jeffrey & Elaine for providing outstanding customer service to my family and I.

The entire experience we had with Jeffrey & Elaine was awesome! From explaining the market situation, to arranging the viewing sessions, managing the interested parties to the actual documentations, they took each and every tiniest detail seriously and with much esteem. Their professionalism and zeal has made us felt so at ease leaving the job to them, because we were confident that they would act to the best of our interest - and indeed, they did.

Well done, Jeffrey & Elaine! We would definitely keep in touch with the both of you as we refer all our friends and family to you. Once again, thank you for the awesome work!

Emily Sim

Thumbs up, Jeffrey & Elaine!


We have always believed that words of mouth are worth than a thousand words. Jeffrey Heng was highly recommended by my neighbour who had sold their house and purchased a choice unit of theirs with the professional help of Jeffrey’s.

We choose to buy the recommendation of my neighbour and decided to give it a try with Jeffrey. During our first meet-up, it was a very pleasant experience and I must say that he is really well prepared for it. Jeffrey is able to share with us lots of comprehensive information which is very much beneficial to first-time sellers like us. We feel very at ease with him because it was like working with friends and not customer- agent kind of relationship.

We managed to sell our house within a short time frame and at a price which was higher than our initial expectation. Despite the possibility of closing the deal at the shortest time frame, Jeffrey chooses to hold the sales till a better price in the interest of ours.

And of course, not forgetting to complement Elaine Chia who has been equally professional and sincere in her dealings. We know that Elaine had been working very hard to find our choice unit and no words can describe our gratitude in finding it. We were touched when we got to know that both Jeffrey & Elaine had stayed till late in the seller’s house just to close the deal for us. All these are extra miles which they have taken in securing the deal for us.

To the extent, they even brought along a contractor during our 2nd round viewing of our choice house to give sound advice on some existing layout issues.

I think it is not difficult to find an agent who can buy and sell our house but to find one who puts our interest above any is greatly commendable.

Thumbs up to Jeffrey & Elaine and I am sure you will be invaluable asset to HSR!!

A Satisfied Customer, Elaine & Wai Keong

Top Notch - Jeffrey!


We are writing to express our utmost pleasure with real estate agent - Jeffrey Heng, who represented us in our recent selling of our HDB unit.

We were searching intensively for a HDB Terrace house in Whampoa estate and that is when we first met Jeffrey. He was very professional and walked us through the viewing of the unit. He was also very patient and sincere in responding to all our queries and explained everything clearly.

After speaking to many agents along the way, it was a very easy decision to select Jeffrey to represent us in selling our HDB unit at Ang Mo Kio. Jeffrey guided us through the entire process, from loan application to the selling of our house. He gave us a detail insight of our estate, and which strategy to apply to get the best price for our unit. We credit him for the smooth and stress-free selling of our unit.

To reiterate, we are nothing but very pleased with Mr. Jeffrey with his expertise and without a doubt we would recommend him to everyone. He demonstrates great skills and qualities to be a role model to new and existing real estate agents.

We will take this opportunity to express our heartfelt experience with Jeffrey; his rapport and commitment was Top Notch!


Mr. Melvin Esperano B. & Mrs. Vasanhti

Someone we fully trusted - Jeffrey!

Jeffrey helped us to market our flat last year in 2013. His professionalism and attitude had been impeccable. Although we decided not to sell our flat in the end (as we hadn't found a suitable house to move into), Jeffrey was the one who got us the best offer for our flat, and we know it was not by luck, but effort and skill, as he puts his two hundred percent into every viewing, which is really commendable.


In my personal opinion, he truly has what it takes to be in this industry, given his service attitude and talents. Most importantly, Jeffrey is someone who we fully trust to act in our best interest at all times, because of his honesty and integrity. He has truly earned our respect for the work he does. 

Mindy Tan

Well done - Jeffrey Heng!


I would still like to give credit to my housing agent, Jeffrey Heng.

I sold my house at Teban Gardens Road and bought my new place at Edgedale Plains with the professional assistance of your agent, Jeffrey Heng. Jeffrey has played a very active role in both the transactions, making sure that both my family and I were briefed with all the procedures. Initially, our ideal price for our house was only at $25,000 COV. At the first viewing, Jeffrey had received an offer of that amount. However, he asked me not to sell at the price matching what we wanted and fetched me one that was way beyond my expectation. He sold our house at $50,100 COV, doubled of what we initially wanted. He is one housing agent with integrity, even when the buyer proposed a lower COV and would offer him a reward. Jeffrey had placed our interests over his. He didn’t accept that proposition and got that buyer to offer $50,100 COV for our place, which was much more than what the buyer previously offered plus the ‘reward’.

Our house buying was very smooth too. He brought us to see a couple of units and when we found one which match our requirements, he helped us to get a good price for the house. Now we are happily staying in our new place.

I am definitely impressed with his professionalism, high service standards and his keen attention to details. I also marvel at his non-compromising integrity. We will highly recommend him to our family, neighbors and friends.

An impressed client, Gary Chng

Thank you - Jeffrey!


Jeffrey is very professional on his work, he always dress formally in all meeting and prepare himself before meeting us for viewing. His capability on sale make our house sold at record price in the area on that month, which enable us to buy our dream home without busting our budget. He offered his views which enable us to make decision easily while looking for our new haven.

My wife and I are comfortable with his handling during the process of selling and buying, as he updated us constantly of the progress. His honesty is a rare gift in the housing industry where everything is based on commission. My wife and I enjoy the whole process as Jeffrey had make it so easy for us.

Thank you Jeffrey, for accompany us on the journey of searching our dream home.

Mr Andrew Qweuk & Ms Yee Ling

Strongly recommended - Jeffrey Heng!

I am writing in to compliment on the services rendered by my realtor, Jeffrey Heng.


Jeffrey has handled the sale of my 5 room Woodlands HDB flat last year and my 3 room Ang Mo Kio HDB flat which I have bought months ago. As a matter of fact, Jeffrey was not my choice of realtor. I was skeptical at first but he appeared sincere and reassured me of his abilities. I decided to let him have a go. I have not regretted since. He is professional in his line of duties and what has impressed me most is that he always puts his clients' interests top of his priority. There is never a dull moment with Jeffrey sharing his experiences. He sure knows his stuff extremely well and I can see he is both passionate and responsible towards his job and his clients. When I decided to purchase my next property which is my 3 room HDB flat, the choice is clear. During the process, I have not only enjoyed his services but I have also made a good friend. My house is undergoing renovation now and I am sure to ask him over for my housewarming when it is done. And yes I would strongly recommend Jeffrey to my friends and relatives!

A Delighted Customer, Ang Hock Liang

Thank you, Jeffrey!


My wife and I would like to congratulate you and your team for having Mr Jeffrey Heng onboard. When I first started asking for help in PropertyGuru he was among the first to respond to my request. That gave us a very favourable impression of him as one who is earnest and sincere. True enough, after meeting up with Mr Jeffrey and talking to him, we had no hesitation to sign an exclusive with him to help us sell our Park Green unit and help us look for a suitable HDB unit in Pasir Ris. I thought he might dissuade us for asking for a high price for our condo but instead he said it was a target he would challenge himself to achieve. True to his word, on the third day after our open house, our unit was sold, setting I believe one of the highest records, if not the highest, in Park Green. I made lots of friends and relatives envious!


Mr Jeffrey was equally committed to helping us search for Pasir Ris HDB units that are near to amenities. Throughout the whole process, he kept us updated on the available units and made several appointments to suit our schedules, making it fuss-free for us. We have finally selected our HDB EA in Pasir Ris and are in the process of preparing for renovation. Again Mr Jeffrey recommended us a reliable contractor with whom we are talking to now to help us renovate our new house. We have also received excellent recommendations from Mr Jeffrey on lawyers and bankers who have helped us a lot. He seems to have a lot of good lobangs!

My wife and I are indeed very happy with Mr Jeffrey's help and we have even recommended our friends who want to buy/sell houses to him as we know they can be assured of excellent professional services in the same way we were helped by Mr Jeffrey. Your star agent, if we may call him such, has made our house buying and selling a very pleasant and memorable experience. We believe Mr Jeffrey should be coaching other rookie agents to add value to their service the way he did.

Once again, our congratulations to you and your team for having Mr Jeffrey Heng in HSR. He is a real asset to whichever company he works for.

A happy client, Mr Henry Lee

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