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Come Fly with NAVIS!


In Navis Living Group, we believe that the future for our agents lies in having the most advanced technology and training in the market.
Our Mission is simple.

√ To provide cutting edge TECHNOLOGY that allows our people to outperform and outsell any other agent in the market.
√ To provide advanced TRAINING programs consisting of 91 hours of FREE trainings that allows our people to excel as well-trained agents with financial savviness second to none. 
√ To cultivate a strong TEAMWORK environment in which our people can perform to the best of their abilities through close working relationships with one another.

We know that our business is about relationships and people. That is why we focus on building an environment where our agents achieve career success while developing their ‘heart’ skills in management, leadership and character development to educate the ‘whole’ person and hone all-rounder agents who can make meaningful contribution.

Come Fly with Navis

Come Fly with Jeffrey!

Jeffrey has been in the real estate industry for close to a decade. Prior to joining this industry, he was a Chief of Department in the Republic of Singapore Navy. It was always his dream to lead a team and true to his passion, he was promoted to lead his own division and he named it Sincerus. This is a Latin word which has a beautiful meaning - Genuine, Integrity and Sincere. This also sums up how Jeffrey and his team treats everyone and every client.

Jeffrey is a consistent achiever, netting awards like Top Producers, Top Recruiter, Top Lister, Top Managers and Top Division Directors. On a national level, he also bagged the SAEA Real Estate Excellence Silver Award for Best Client Service in 2014. Jeffrey was also recently featured in Council of Estate Agency [CEA] Newsletter for great client service and was also featured in an interview with PropertyGuru.

OrangeTee Property Career

What our teammates have to say?

I have a good real estate manager

Tiffany Tan,

Associate Deputy Group Director

"Jeffrey was very patient and guided me through my cases and queries. 

Jeffrey's patience and sense of responsibility has attracted me to join him. I can say I am very honoured to be part of his team. I know through his guidance, I can achieve more than what I could have done alone."

Testimonial for Good Manager in Real Estate Career

Steven Ho,

Associate Group Director

"Being in the real estate industry for many years, I have never met a manager like Jeffrey. 

After joining Jeffrey's team 2 years ago, I have learnt so much from Jeffrey and his wife, Elaine. Both of them have been extremely patient in guiding me and my team whenever we need their advice. 

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for their selfless attitude in sharing and guiding."

I have a good real estate mentor.

Veron Ng,

Associate Director

"If anyone were to ask me if I think I made the right decision by joining Jeffrey, I will say, ya I made the right choice! 

Just to name a few, Jeffrey goes for presentations with me and shares his life experiences with me so that I can learn from his mistakes, coaches me to negotiate deals and make offers. Most importantly he displays tremendous patience in answering my endless questions. 

To top it all off, the best part of joining Jeffrey is the whole SINCERUS family that comes as a package! So many friends in the business tells me to beware of agents and don't trust even your team mates! In Sincerus, I never felt such bad vibes and we only have lots of fun, encouragement, laughter, Q&A and free treats. 

So YES! I think I am right in joining Jeffrey and I am really thankful for the support and warmth extended by our Sincerus family. "

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