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Where Might Our Real Estate Market Be Heading After This Covid-19 Is Over?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In our current Covid-19 atmosphere, many property investors and aspiring property investors will be sitting on the fence, thinking what is going to happen next and when will the most opportune time for them to enter the real estate market. I will be sharing a poster with all of you and this poster shows the ranking of countries in 3 different categories in the current Covid-19 situation. (The details of this poster are accurate as of 29th March 2019)

For the first category of 10 Most Safe Countries To Stay In, Singapore ranks 2nd!

For the second category of 10 Countries With The Most Efficient Treatment, Singapore ranks 1st!

And guess what!? For the last category of 10 Most Risky Countries to Stay In, our Singapore flag did not appear there at all.

This definitely speaks a lot about Singapore. This Covid-19 pandemic leaves a lot of valuable lessons for us to learn. From a lot of articles that I have read, many other countries are singing praises of Singapore. This of course equates to the elevation of confidence in our country as a whole. Regardless whether is it economy stability, medical advancements or government leadership, we have scored well in the hearts of many. We all know that this pandemic is not the first and it probably won’t be the last. So when this whole Covid saga is over and the dust settles, there will definitely be people who will aspire to make Singapore their home. If something happens in the future, these people will want to be in a place where they can feel safe to live in.

South China Morning Post Article

Above is a screenshot of an article from South China Morning Post (Published on 31st March 2020), and it has already published that 30 cities in China had seen their property sales tripled up in March as their coronavirus situation is slowly coming under control. Will this exact situation happen to us too? Singapore has always been a top destination in the minds of many, regardless whether is it for education, for work or just pure investment. With all these in mind, our real estate market might rise at a speed that we cannot imagine.

There are always people on both sides of the fence and some will be sitting on the fence. If you are in a situation where you do not know which side to take, please feel free to drop us a call and we can discuss this further with you.

* Website link to South China Morning Post Article -

This was first published on our Facebook Page - on 31st March 2020.

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