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Understanding about CPF Accrued Interests

Jeffrey has recently shared on our Facebook Page - Jeffrey & Elaine - Real Estate Advisers - about CPF Accrued Interests and how it impact your sales proceeds. 

Thinking of DIY Selling Your HDB? Here Are Some Questions To Think Through!

Are you contemplating to sell your HDB yourself?


If the answer is YES, then this video will give you some idea on what are some questions to ask yourself to prepare your house and prepare yourself to market your property yourself.





#HDBSale #ForSaleByOwner #DIY

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Important points to consider before selling!

Find out if you are eligible to sell or if there are any additional expenses involved in the sale i.e. Seller's Stamp Duty. It is important to check these information prior to making that decision. 

Consider your next housing plan if you are currently residing in it. What are your next options and how to plan for your retirement?

Engage the services of a professional property agent. It is important that you enlist the services of an agent you can trust. Once you have found a suitable real estate agent, your work is almost half done. 

Put a price on it!

As a seller, we often want to get top dollars for our unit. We end up putting a price tag that is so high that buyers are being deterred from viewing the property. We always have to remember even if you manage to get the best real estate salesperson to sell the house for you, but if no one view the house, he or she is selling the property to no one.

A professional real estate salesperson will be able to advise you on the past transacted prices of similar units, and analyse with you the market value of your property based on the current market trends. 

Timeliness Planning

Are you also purchasing another property after you have sold your house?


If your answer is yes, then timeline planning is something which is essential. As there are many factors where the finances will affect the timeline of handing over the property and taking over the next property, we will need to ensure that the timeline is nicely executed. This is so that our funds can come back in time to finance the purchase and also we will not have a situation whereby we will have no house to stay during the transition period.

This is one of the most important plan in your real estate journey. 

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